The YouTube effect is about to get non-linear

On February 1, 2012, in Connected14, video, by Connected14

AP’s Mae Andrerson writes:

About a dozen companies have put up their Super Bowl spots on video-sharing website YouTube this year, up from a handful last year. The amount companies have spent on sponsoring Youtube’s Ad Blitz, a site for Super Bowl ads, has doubled compared with last year although it declined to say by how much.

In her post, she addresses how with over 70 spots running during Super Bowl, brands are looking for ways to stand-out. Nearly all have explored, leaked or integrated creative on YouTube and yet, YouTube is still in its infancy as far as its ability to create a non-linear (i.e. traditional) consumption experience.

YouTube is the platform, in my opinion, best positioned for Connected14 optimization. In other words, YouTube is best positioned to be the platform where a brand can deliver their linear video (ad or content) across multiple devices and ensure a non-linear or augmented measurable experience. The next few quarters will be interesting to watch to see if it is YouTube’s product that evolves or 3rd party tools that embrace the power of YouTube. Should be a win-win for brands either way as more opportunities to engage across the Connected14 prevails.


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