The NEW Producer isn’t YOU

On June 13, 2012, in B2B, Connected14, Mobile, Platforms, Tablet, by Connected14

Last week I went to the Smart TV Summit in San Francisco – socializing with some of the biggest leaders in connected television and multi-screen experiences. And, I walked away realizing second screen doesn’t matter if someone or something doesn’t intelligently connect you to the content you want.   While staying in SF, my hotel [...]

Second Screen Apps are all the rage…but should the definition be more defined?

On June 11, 2012, in Connected14, Mobile, by Connected14

A&E Network has launched Storage Wars Fan Challenge, a new second-screen app that gives viewers the opportunity to compete against each other by playing in a fantasy-style game that is synced up to the show. In the app, players test their bidding skills by selecting the cast member who they think will be the winning [...]

The Connected Future- A prediction worth pondering

On March 17, 2012, in B2C, Connected14, Mobile, Platforms, Tablet, by Connected14
0 “In 10 years, it may be just a plane of glass. The actual design won’t matter. Convergence will have long since been established and we will simply have a series of screens of varying sizes (your television, your phone, your computer, etc.) that we do everything on and react identically, which are connected to [...]

Tablet Users Spend 50% More Per Purchase Than Smartphone Owners

On January 18, 2012, in B2C, Mobile, Platforms, Tablet, by Connected14

According to a study from Adobe Digital Marketing Insights, tablet users spend over 50% more per purchase shopping online than smartphone visitors, and 20% than traditional laptop and desktop visitors. “Adobe analyzed roughly 16.2 billion online transactions from 150 top U.S. retailers in 2011, finding that the mobile market has quickly become a lucrative cornerstone [...]

Connected14: More faces than mobile

On January 2, 2012, in Connected14, Mobile, Platforms, Tablet, video, by Connected14

In the article ‘The many faces of mobile‘ by James Kendrick, Kendrick writes, “the smartphone will be front and center in the mobile space[...]Even when we are sitting in front of the couch at home.” His reasoning? Mobile has impacted desktop sales and even laptop sales, even though the latter are part of the mobile [...]

Screens? Sure, but what about connectivity screen to screen?

On May 25, 2011, in Connected14, ConnectedTV, Home Entertainment, Mobile, Platforms, Tablet, by Pete Deutschman

Harry McCracken from Time wrote a piece about how the PC is being replaced by everything. Much like our journey, that realization didn’t end at our first post. And, like us, Harry quickly realized that there was no standardized way of speaking about the multitude of platforms, hardware and apps that is the reality today. [...]

Distraction Media or Companion Media…today’s version of Potato.

On May 24, 2011, in Connected14, ConnectedTV, Mobile, Platforms, Tablet, video, by Pete Deutschman

Connected14 can be best described as companion devices leveraging companion mediums. How is it that some view this as distraction media? Well, I suppose it is all based on your perspective and affinity to traditional television as the primary driver. According to this post by Brian Monahan, Distraction media was ubiquitous, with 94% of TV [...]

Tablet more likely to search and play than help you be productive

On April 20, 2011, in Connected14, Home Entertainment, Mobile, Tablet, video, by Pete Deutschman

It is amazing to me that less than 24 months ago, the term Tablet was forward thinking and while we all knew that tablets would be a deal changer, usage and behavior patterns would be unknown. Still, many brands, magazines and entertainment properties hurried to be “ipad friendly” while others invested gobs into apps. Finally, [...]

Preference a key part of the Connected14 experience

On March 2, 2011, in B2C, Connected14, ConnectedTV, Mobile, Platforms, Tablet, video, by Pete Deutschman

So, you are sitting in your living room watching TV on your connected TV, cruising your facebook feed and commenting on your friend’s cute photos of family vacations or Andy’s Vegas bachelor party. You take a sip of your Coke and your attention is drawn to the ad on the right side of facebook introducing [...]

TV Networks Leaving A Lot On The Coffee Table

On February 28, 2011, in Connected14, ConnectedTV, Digital OOH, Mobile, Tablet, video, by Pete Deutschman

Analyzing TV viewers’ search behavior, Google identified several patterns in 2010 that point to significant changes in the way they engage with online TV content, methods used to navigate TV online, and how they view content missed at airtime. This quote is from a recent article by MediaPost where they suggest traditional TV broadcasters are [...]

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